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PRE-ETS (English)

Job Development /Job Placement ​

Our Job Development Services span across Maricopa county. Our team members have extensive backgrounds that allow them to tap into many employment resources for best in class job placement. Our Job Developers connect our clients with employers and provide guidance and mentorship each step of the way.

Job Coaching/ Job​ Training 

Our team works closely with all members, coaching on best practices for interviewing, coaching on how to present yourself to potential employers and how to make a great impression to get the position desired. 

Community Resource Training

We ensure the success of each job placement by assisting with community resources for each member such as SSA, Food Services, Help Groups, Bus/Light Rail Transportation and Housing. 

Computer Training​

In today’s technical world, the use of a computer or computing device is essential to all workers. Navigating and learning these systems can be tricky. Our elite team can assist with technical training for any skills needed for a new workplace. 

Rehabilitation Instructional Services

We understand this is a transitional period in our client’s life. In RIS we focus on: Interpersonal & Disability-specific skills training, Building Confidence, Goal setting and One on One Mentoring. Our goal is for the client to function more independently within their community, workplace, and home. 

Education Support

We have partnered with community-based educators and counselors that we work with to help support higher educations goals and services.