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Post Recovery Care


Recovery From Out-Patient Surgery

Our team of trusted caregivers are well equipped to handle your non-medical needs after surgery.  Many times clients only need a few days or a few weeks to get back on their feet. Hospital patient readmitting is on the rise and is many times linked to patients not having the proper care after they are discharged.   Patients go home feeling good but sometimes can put unnecessary strains on their bodies. These times are crucial stages of recovery.  At Family First Home Care Of Arizona, we understand the need for a quick recovery,  but we also understand recovery can take time and we are here to pay close attention to your recovery progress. Let us help you along the way to total independence.

Recovery • Surgery • Stroke • Cancer

Recovery from surgery, a stroke, or cancer treatment is often overwhelming for adults of any age. They may have multiple medications to take and manage at a time when they feel their worst. If they have memory loss, the situation can become more challenging. Your loved one may not be able to figure out instructions or remember what it is the doctor told them to do.
A caregiver can remind them to take prescriptions at the proper time. Our in-home team can help prevent you or your loved one from ending up back in the hospital or taking longer to get well. We offer the non-medical care that often follows unexpected surgery, a cancer diagnosis, elective surgery, or a stroke. Our caregivers understand how stressful it can be for a patient who is unable to care for themselves. The situation can also cause a great deal of stress on their family members.
Post Recovery Home Care
It is difficult for anyone to know how to prepare for a hospital stay. Often, the person feels weighed down with worry about the procedure they will undergo. It is easy to overlook their needs in preparing for their hospital stay. They may not even consider the type of care they will need once they return home. We will ensure you have everything in order when you go into the hospital. A caregiver will be there to make sure you arrive for your procedure in a timely manner and will provide the company needed to reduce stress. The caregiver can obtain the instructions for your care to help you with a successful recovery at home. We understand that your family members who are far away are concerned about you. We act as a facilitator between the recovering patient and their family members, so they are aware of your progress every step of the way.
What We Can Do:
Some of the non-medical tasks our caregivers can perform to assist include:
  • Gather and pack items in preparation for the hospital stay
  • Get comprehensive directions from the doctor and other medical staff members. Make sure every detail is covered
  • Transport you to pre-treatment and post-treatment medical visits to obtain instructions and maintain the ongoing quality of care
  • Keep the client’s medical information secure according to HIPAA guidelines
  • Maintain contact with the hospital and provide updates to family members
  • Take and organize clear notes on the instructions as provided by the doctors
  • Provide a broad range of non-medical supportive services after the client returns home such as assistance with your activities of daily living